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When:                        Monday, October 2, 2017

Time                          10:00 a.m.

Where:                     Barrie City Hall  (corner of Collier St/Mulcaster St) for flag raising with Mayor Jeff Lehman, then into the

Rotunda for refreshments and learn more about CARP’s Top ADVOCACY issues for 2017/2018

  1.  Elder Abuse
  2.   Senior Housing
  3.   Help for Caregivers
  4.   Surgical Wait Times
  5.   Financial Protection


  Listen to our great Speakers

Tammy Carbino, daughter of James Acker, cruelly beaten by a fellow resident in a Hamilton, Ontario Long Term Care Home, which caused his death, not long after.

Shelley Raymond of Solterra Co-Housing, speaking to the needs of Senior Housing.

Ingram Nurse on Help for Caregivers

Anthony Quinn, Director of Community Affairs at CARP Head Office on Surgical Wait Times.

Alan Goldhar, Chief Investment Officer, Ontario Public Guardian & Trustee on Investor Protection.


Call and share with your friends, family and neighbours so they do not miss out on this fun and most informative event.


We sincerely hope you can join us as we work hard towards improving the lot of all Canadians.